This Week's Playlist:
WYSF Birmingham

Water Song

Maria Taylor
My Own Fault

Ruby, Donít Take Your Love To Town

Peter Searcy
Bird Songs

Kim Richey
The Absence Of Your Company

Mike Farris
Oh May Donít You Weep

Crowded House
Donít Stop Now

Joan As Police Woman
Happiness Is A Violator (For Condoleezza Rice)

Marc Broussard
Inner City Blues

Postal Service
Grow Old With Me

Matt Nathanson
Car Crash

Looks That Kill

Sea Wolf
Youíre A Wolf

Kara Grainger featuring Amos Lee
On My Way

The Magic Numbers
Slow Down (The Way It Goes)

Rocky Votolato
Postcard From Kentucky

Ryan Adams
Goodnight Rose

Ryan Adams
Off Broadway

El Cantador
No Surprise

Ian Hunter
Soul Of America

Matt Pond PA
Magic Boyfriend

A Fine Frenzy
Come On Come Out

Sarah Borges and the Broken Singles
Stop And Think It Over

Matt White
New York Girls

Ben Harper
Fool For A Lonesome Train

Marketa Irglova and Glen Hansard
If You Want Me

You Got Yr Cherrybomb

The Underdog

Xavier Rudd
Better People

Watching The Wheels

Jason Isbell
Dress Blues

Amy Winehouse

John Doe with Kathleen Edwards
The Golden State

It Will Find You

The Subdudes
Thorn In Her Side

Jesse Malin with Bruce Springsteen
Broken Radio

Manchester Orchestra
Where Have You Been?

Breath Me (live)

Through The Sparks
Falling Out Of Favor With The Neighbors

AA Bondy
Killed Myself When I Was Young

Augie March
Victoriaís Secret

Ryan Bingham
Southside Of Heaven

Straight Lines

June 25, 2007

A few things:

1) Many thanks to Marc Broussard for an insightful interview and a soul stirring performance last week in Birmingham (you can check it out at ). The Marc Broussard Soul Review is a throwback to the old days and Broussard and his tight-ass band pull it off big time. I saw the first show on the tour and hope I get to see the last because it is only going to get better and better. Catch it if it comes to your town. And, be sure to pick up a copy of S.O.S Save Our Soul (Vanguard Records) to hear Marc pay tribute to the music that has made him the artist he is today.

2) Great to see Mindy Smith again last week as she performed to 2500 folks at our Art On The Rocks series at the Birmingham Museum Of Art. It's been a while and I miss the honesty and purity of her music. It comes flooding back immediately. Check out my interview and some acoustic songs with her musical sidekick Lex Price at

3) I received this email from a buddy of mine who runs the New Music Tipsheet (If you aren't a subscriber, you should be. Thought it was a very interesting and thought provoking read so I figured I would pass it on to my friends. The music industry is changing rapidly folks and the power will once again be back in the hands of the music and not the suits (Entourage has given me a whole new love for that term). Here ya go:

"Alright, so I just got back from a whirlwind 10-day tour - 24 hours with the family back in Bama, a couple of days at a little festival in Tennessee, 32 label meetings over the course of 5 days in NYC. And a chance meeting with Mickey Dolenz at a private party for Duran Duran.

What new stuff did we learn this time? Not a damn thing - everyone that still has a job is still kickin' it, albeit with more challenges and smaller budgets. Sure, there was plenty of gossip, rumors, and speculation, but I'll leave it up to Billboard to report the facts. However, talk of chain retailers behaving badly and trying to demand - not negotiate, but basically EXTORT fatter margins and better dating terms from the distributors - deserves some Woodward & Bernstein-style investigative reporting. Ugly stuff.

But while listening on the plane home to two of my top 10's for 2007 from THE SHINS and WHITE STRIPES -- both incredible albums, signs of true artists at the top of their game -- I suddenly realized that both of these bands started up exactly TEN YEARS AGO. Then I thought, "Hmm, that's an odd coincidence. Is this true with other bands?" So I looked it up, and it holds true with a lot of modern musicians - Metallica by METALLICA? Ten years. OK Computer by RADIOHEAD? Ten years. Out of Time by R.E.M.? Ten years. Play by MOBY? Ten years. Blood Sugar Sex Magik by RED HOT CHILI PEPPERS? Ten years (alright, closer to nine). Hell, even All the Right Reasons by NICKELBACK - ten years!

The examples above may or may not be their best records, and they all released prior discs that were signposts of better things to come, but these are definitely some of their biggest releases. And of course I'm bending data to fit my argument - anyone can call up Nevermind, Ten, License to Ill, The Chronic, Nothing's Shocking, etc. - but the question is, what label these days has the time, patience, and BUDGET to let a band hone their craft for TEN YEARS before they release that career-defining record?

You go to a venture capitalist and tell him - "Hi. I want to borrow a quarter million dollars a year from you for the next ten years. You will get a slight return on your investment over time, you may even lose money, and your investment has a high potential to break up, crack up, get arrested, go to rehab, face paternity suits, and break 218 different laws in 23 countries. And oh yeah, your primary source of revenue, this shiny disc we put the music on? It might not be around in five years. BUT, at some point, you may hit the jackpot and sign the golden child!" Any sane person would LAUGH in your face and put their money towards the next Google instead.

Which is exactly why we need Wall Street out of the music business and return to the days of pioneers and believers, people who take measured, calculated risks to support real artists over long periods of time - not a bunch of bean-counters who pressure and bribe artists to put out crappy records to meet goals for the fiscal year.

These people are already out there - they're called MANAGERS, and they are the future of our business. It's no coincidence that the White Stripes and Shins are managed by the same team. It's no coincidence that the Chili Peppers and Metallica are managed by the same team. I forget who said it at CIC, but it's true - even Kobe Bryant needs a Phil Jackson. Can't wait to see what the future holds for artists like My Morning Jacket, Silversun Pickups, Alexi Murdoch, Minus the Bear, Ghostland Observatory, and Mew.

Now go to the Tipsheet and support our sponsors -- they're the fine folks that make this info free for you every week." Scott Perry


Week of 6/25/07
Postal Service - Grow Old With Me
A Fine Frenzy - The Minnow and the Trout
Augie March - Victoria's Secret
Jason Isbell - Brand New Kind Of Actress
Cake - Excuse Me I Think I've Got A Heartache
The Magic Numbers - Slow Down (The Way It Goes)
Lori McKenna - Leaving This Life
Grace Potter and the Nocturnals - Here's To The Meantime
Glen Hansard - Lies
Maps - It Will Find You
Xavier Rudd - Come Let Go
Jack's Mannequin Featuring Mick Fleetwood - God
Andi Starr - Big Country (Open Spaces)
Xavier Rudd - Come Let Go
Jack's Mannequin Featuring Mick Fleetwood - God
Andi Starr - Big Country (Open Spaces)

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